Fad Diets

Why fad diets don't work (and what to do instead)

Diets can be a hard time of feeling deprived, guilty and unsatisfied. All too often one reaches a point where they inevitably give in, only to feel worse. It’s no surprise, we are human and will power is limited. When we say diet, we mean a restrictive approach to controlling what you eat by either omitting certain food groups i.e. carbohydrates or consciously controlling one element i.e. portion size, in order to lose body fat.

Research shows that when people diet they typically put the weight they lost back on and sometimes more. There are many ‘diets’ out there that claim to make you lose weight fast. 5:2, Paleo, Atkins, Slimming World and you may have tried one yourself before?

Diets give you a structured approach to resisting a specific type of food or calories for a period of time. Each diet focuses on one small element of weight loss rather than filling you in on the whole picture and backing it up with some science backed facts, if they did then you wouldn’t need their diet book?

Ask yourself this: When was the last time you saw a wild animal in nature over weight? Not a domestic animal, a wild animal. Do they count calories, go to slimming world to pick up their meals or never eat carbs because carbs are the enemy?

No they don’t! Animals effortlessly self-regulate their weight and they certainly don’t diet. Why? Because they eat the foods that are designed for them, in the quantities they are designed to consume.

Diets use will power and will power is a finite resource. What happens when you finish the diet or your will power gives in? That’s it, you are back to square one, and more.

What should you do instead?

This is something we are really passionate about. Taking a subject which has been massively over complicated back to simplicity. We like to help people make simple changes to their lifestyle and diet AND gain a better appreciation for 
what is in food, how it’s put together and how various foods impact your body and weight. By doing so you gain a knowledge based framework from which you can effortlessly make better choices.

Our bodies are complex organisms with hormonal balances AND external stresses have to be considered. That said it still does not mean that becoming a healthy weight and staying there needs to be a time of misery and an effort of huge will power.
What it does require is commitment. Commitment to actually get the whole picture and learn a little about your food, how it works and its impact on your body. Knowledge is power and will provide the framework from which you can work in any situation.

Every individual is different and therefore the formula is slightly different but instead of choosing to go on the next fad diet, if you really want to lose weight and keep it off, take time to try and think about things differently.

1.) Commit to building your own personal knowledge and take action

2.) Gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of weight loss (we will keep writing about these)

3.) Focus on forming these better, more positive habits rather than focusing on what you can’t have

4.) See our article ‘Overwhelmed with weight loss? 6 simple habits to get started’ which provides 6 practical steps key to shedding some unwanted body fat.

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