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Overwhelmed with weight loss? Try these 6 simple habits to create big change

We are products of our habits and our habits form our lifestyle. Losing weight is no different, but for many it’s a painful time of resisting temptation only to break free and binge, or give up. It canbe a much more positive experience: learning, implementing and practicing some new and improved habits, so you feel great now and get to sustain your results long term.

In a world where the next fad diet, ‘nutritional discovery’ or celebrity programme is the norm, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. We are bombarded about what foods to eat and why, yet we are the only species (other than domesticated animals) on the planet to suffer from weight issues. We have managed to complicate something that for millions of years, was not an issue.

When you remove all of the noise and cultural influence, many of the foods we ‘enjoy’ actually end up making us feel tired, lethargic and rotten whilst the foods designed for us by nature are often ignored. This is not always a connection we naturally make easily.

When we talk about weight loss, we really mean fat loss: A better physique, reduced risk of disease and a healthy dose of self-confidence. So, here are my 6 simple habits to start making some big change.

1.) Eat only when hungry and stop when the feelings of hunger have gone. It sounds simple, but it takes practice. Don’t fear a little hunger - If in doubt, then you are probably not hungry.
2.) Eat natural, eat whole and be wary of processed. By processed I mean anything with an ingredients list. As a general rule, it’s been altered or had salt added to make it taste better than natural. Focus on purchasing foods in their natural state and cooking them yourself. If you are in real need of a snack, try a piece of fruit between meals.
3.) Get Cooking. You don’t have to be great, but you do have to start. Take all those natural ingredients and get creative. Ditch the diet book and buy a recipe book.
4.) Form the habit of fitness. This does not just mean go running. Whilst a positive move for health, it’s actually not the most effective type of exercise to lose fat and change overall body composition. Resistance training and shorter bursts of cardio are more effective ways to improve your body and burn fat.
5.) Forget the diet mentality. A diet is temporary and what happens when you finish? It focusses on what you can’t have instead of building new habits. Use your willpower to instead build better habits, like always having the right ingredients available to cook with.
6.) Increase your knowledge and be aware. Knowledge is power. Read labels, and get to grips with what is in your food. By becoming more aware, be honest with yourself. If you eat the right whole foods, your body naturally counts calories. Becoming a bit of an expert yourself will really help your personal efforts.

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