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Get Gym-Ready for January

As you tuck into the last sweet treats of the year, just one more plate of leftovers, or a tub of chocolate “so it doesn’t waste”, you might think ahead to that gym membership that’s waiting for you. January is the traditional time to get back on it, so we’ve pulled together some top tips to make sure that your introduction or re-introduction to the gym is as fruitful as possible.

1. Make It Regular

One of the best things you can do to make your experience at the gym life-changing is to make your visits there regular. Having a set routine is much easier than flying by the seat of your pants and it makes it harder to just skip a session.

The goals you have will dictate the time you need to spend at the gym but making sure it’s regular means that you’re always moving forwards and making progress. A personal trainer can help you with setting this out and plans are available if you’re a complete novice!

2. Have Clear Goals

Going to the gym for social reasons, to get out of the house, or just “for something to do” is great, but it’s unlikely to lead to sustained progress. Having a clear goal in mind means that you are going to be more committed and more focused during these sessions. This doesn’t have to be a fitness-related goal; it just needs to be clear to you.

Some people want to be able to run a half-marathon, but others want to be able to play football with the grandkids. Whatever your goal is, keep it in mind every time you get your gym kit together.

3. Do Work Outside of the Gym

A fit and healthy body is built in the kitchen as much as the gym. A three-hour, intense session is virtually useless if your calories are still off the charts. A personal trainer works with your fitness, but they can only work with you for so much of the week. You’re responsible for what you do outside of the gym!

This doesn’t mean you can’t have treats, a beer while watching TV, or an occasional bag of crisps. You just need to look after yourself!

4. Challenge Yourself and Others

Most people thrive in competition. It starts when you’re a child and it continues through your life. Going to the gym, getting fitter, and seeing results is no different. You’ll want to achieve more if you’re challenging yourself, and even more if you’re challenging others. We’ve had couples that are getting married who want to lose weight. By making it a competition, both husband and wife have smashed their targets!

Make it fun, make it competitive, and make a difference to your life!

Want to Know More?

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