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Body Composition Analysis: What Is It?

Have you tried every diet fad and every workout trend that ever existed, only to end up to no avail? There may be some factors that you have missed out on, including understanding your body composition. Body composition analysis will make it easier to comprehend why a specific diet did not work for you or why a particular exercise routine only leaves you with fatigue and no results.

To learn more about body composition, read on as we delve into its basics and how it can help you make your fitness goals more attainable.

Body Composition Analysis

It will be possible to describe and quantify the various compartments across the body through body composition analysis.

Body composition can give you an idea of your nutritional status by taking into account your body fat, muscle, bones, and even organs. It is basically the relative percentage or ratio of fat tissue to the lean tissue of your body.

While there are many more methods to analyse your body composition depending on the compartment being measured, your body fat percentage will be used in assessing your body composition. And, if you want to make changes with your body in terms of change, it is highly recommended to decrease this percentage.

If you want to improve your body composition for the better, you can either decrease your fat mass or increase your muscle mass.

You are considered to have good health if you have good body fat percentage, which is 10% to 25% for males and 18% to 30% for females. And those who have a more active lifestyle have a body fat percentage of 5% to 13% for males and 12% to 22% for females.


Why You Need to Have a Good Body Composition

Apart from the fact that you can easily achieve your fitness goals, having a good body composition should be something you should aim for as it also opens more benefits to your life.

One of the significant problems you will encounter if you have an unhealthy body composition is an increased risk of various diseases. Such diseases include hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diseases, respiratory concerns, and other complications if you undergo surgery or give birth.

You will have no difficulties moving around and doing your day-to-day activities because it increases your functional ability. And if you are aiming to get a good body shape, good body composition will make it possible for you to have a lean and toned body that you can always flaunt.

Best of all, it paves the way for making your weight loss journey successful compared to not knowing the body parts you need to work on.


Achieve Fitness Goals

Have you set fitness goals for the year? Once you have undergone body composition analysis, here's how you can attain your health goals in terms of health, physical activity, and other factors.



Once you know your body composition you will learn that there are specific nutrition and consumption recommendations that will be helpful for you to maintain optimal health.

One of the things you need to keep in mind is your calorie intake. If you have a higher body fat percentage, consider starting to consume fewer calories than you burn. If you eat more than what your body uses and needs, you will surely gain weight as a result.

Besides the quantity, you also need to consider the types of food you take. Obviously, you are highly discouraged to eat processed foods because they contain tons of calories that will not satiate you and provide the nutrients your body needs to be healthy.

In addition, check your protein and fibre intake. You need protein if you are aiming to gain muscles. If you are trying to lose weight, worry not because high-protein diets can also help you if you want to lose fat. Such a diet can help in boosting your metabolism and reducing your appetite.

On the other hand, consuming fibre-rich foods easily makes you feel full after eating without necessarily increasing the quantity of what you are eating.



Knowing your body composition also helps you determine whether you should decrease your body fat mass or increase muscle mass. If you must do the latter, you need to challenge your muscle mass by regularly exercising and engaging in weight training for better muscle development.

For exercises that can help you with fat loss, more minutes of physical activity does not mean you will lose more body fat. It would help if you also consider the types of exercise incorporated into your routine. However, do note that certain forms of exercise will involve strength training, but you can still lose body fat in the process.

This is why, after knowing your body composition, do not just deal with what you see on the surface level because your body has more compartments that you may not be aware of but are contributing to your body weight.


Other Factors

Other than food and exercise, you need to consider other factors, including sleep quality, alcohol consumption, age, and genetics. Such factors have impact on your weight and you just don't know yet.


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