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Introducing True Coach Programmes

Start your fitness journey right with a True Coach Programme relevant to your goals. Integrating perfectly with our shared personal training and one-to-one memberships, our personal training programmes are focused on building your knowledge, forming habits, and super-charging your progress and results. Get in touch today to book your course.

8-Week Personal Training Programmes – £28.99 per Month, or £6.69 per Week

Why Choose True Coach Programmes?

Each course includes:

Why Choose True Coach Programmes?

  • Easy-to-Use App and Flexible, Scheduled Daily and Weekly Content Checklists for 8 Weeks

  • More Regular Check-ins

  • Step-by-Step High-Quality Video Coaching and Content

  • Easy-to-Understand Nutrition and Short Educational Training Videos

  • Ultimate Flexibility to Fit around Your Schedule

Our current courses:

Fat Loss & Lifestyle

You will understand how to lose body fat sustainably through a results-focused 8-week programme, with additional motivation, guidance, and accountability to get you there.

Tone up and Train Effectively

Having trouble with toning up? This 8-week course covers step-by-step guidance about training and nutrition to help you create long-term habits, build confidence, and get results.

Strength Training & Muscle Building

Learn how to build muscle and increase strength optimally. Over 8 weeks, we will guide you on training and nutrition to ensure you build good habits and improve your performance.

Gym Training for Running & Endurance

Injury prevention, strength, and power are all key for sport. You will learn about how and why these factors affect performance on the road, track, or water, and implement great habits to improve your gym training.

How can I start?

All memberships start with a Free 1:1 consultation. You can book this by getting in touch via email, phone or through the contact us web page. True coach works alongside either a physical membership or an online membership

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