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Strength and Conditioning for Running and Endurance Training

Interested in integrating strength and conditioning into your existing training programme? If you are going to the gym for running or endurance training, our wide-ranging course will help you improve confidence and performance. Suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes, our 8-week course is backed by evidence-based research and years of refinement to ensure you get your desired results. Get in touch today to discover more.

Course Summary

It’s no secret that strength training should feature in an endurance athlete’s programme but finding the right balance at the gym is tricky without knowledge and experience. Our course will help you incorporate the right movements and styles of training into your routine to best enhance performance and decrease the risk of injury.

 Integrate Strength and Conditioning into Your Training Schedule Effectively

 A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Nutrition and Training

 One-to-One Attention to Help You Achieve Your Goals

 Informative Coaching to Build Positive and Lasting Habits

 Nutrition Information to Help You Understand and Implement Change

 Feel Motivated, Focused, and in Control of Your Health and Fitness

Course Weekly Format

Course Weekly Format

  • Complete Flexibility around Your Schedule

  • 2 – 3 Weekly Key Videos on Nutrition and Habits from Team True (4 – 7 Minutes Each)

  • Daily Habit Coaching Videos (1 Minute Each, Perfect for a Coffee Break)

  • Habit Coaching Reminders and Accountability

  • Bi-Weekly Catch-up with Our Lead Personal Trainer

  • Easy-to-Use App with Scheduled Daily and Weekly Checklists

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