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Start your fitness training the right way with a True Coach Programme relevant to your goals. Integrating perfectly with our shared personal training and one-to-one memberships, our personal training programmes are focused on building your knowledge, forming habits, and super-charging your progress and results. Get in touch with our team in West Yorkshire,, today to book your course.

8-Week Personal Training Programmes – £28.99 per Month, or £6.69 per Week

Why Choose True Coach Programmes?

Each course includes:

Why Choose True Coach Programmes?

  • Easy-to-Use App and Flexible, Scheduled Daily and Weekly Content Checklists for 8 Weeks

  • More Regular Check-ins

  • Step-by-Step High-Quality Video Coaching and Content

  • Easy-to-Understand Nutrition and Short Educational Training Videos

  • Ultimate Flexibility to Fit around Your Schedule

Our current courses:

Fat Loss & Lifestyle

You will understand how to lose body fat sustainably through a results-focused 8-week programme, with additional motivation, guidance, and accountability to get you there.

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Strength Training and Muscle Building

Learn how to build muscle and increase strength optimally. Over 8 weeks, we will guide you on training and nutrition to ensure you build good habits and improve your performance.

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How Can I Start?

All memberships start with a FREE 1:1 consultation. You can book this by getting in touch via email, phone, or via the link below. True Coach works alongside either a physical membership or an online membership.

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