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We are a team of fully qualified, experienced fitness fanatics and, most importantly, we are approachable and friendly trainers. Lead by Ed Rycroft, we like to make training efficient, effective, and fun along the way.


Ed Rycroft

Hi, I’m Ed Rycroft, and I recently relocated back home to Yorkshire, having lived in London for 7 years and worked in the fitness industry. I am excited to be launching True Personal Training with a superb team of Personal Trainers. I wanted to create a studio facility that offers a great service and bespoke programming to everyone, all the time. At one point in my life I was overweight and struggling to get the real answers amongst all the fad diets and misleading information out there. This is why `I am passionate about making training with us educational, so that people can sustain their results long term.  I love all types of fitness, whether functional fitness, strength training, suspension, or long distance running - for me, it’s all about variety. I also have a huge obsession with kitesurfing and can regularly be found on the beach!


Lauren Randall

Hey! My name is Lauren and I can't wait to meet and help each and every one of you at True Personal Training! I studied Athletic Training / Physical Therapy whilst on a Soccer Scholarship in the U.S, before going into the fitness industry as a certified Personal Trainer. Since graduating 4 years ago, I have worked with clients around the world with weight loss, strength gains, injury prevention/ rehabilitation and power lifting. I have my level 4 in Strength and Conditioning with a passion for helping athletes improve their game in any sport. My goal is to leave you feeling stronger, more knowledgeable and smiling after every session. When I'm not in the gym or doing Crossfit I love to travel and get outside... usually singing along to Disney bangers! I look forward to working with you soon 🙂


Vania Goncalves

Olá, my name is Vania; I am a Personal Trainer and have spent the last 4 years working in the fitness industry. My first 2 years were working as an Exercise to Music Instructor with adult groups, then the last 2 years, working as a Personal Trainer. Since I started as a Personal Trainer, I have a solid reputation of consistency and a history of proven results with many clients. My job is to work towards your needs, ensuring that your sessions are tailored with specific goals in mind. Your health is just important to me as it is to you!


Joe Roddam

Hi I'm Joe Roddam and I am very excited to be a part of the True Personal Training team. The facility is perfect for me to help you smash any goal you want to achieve whether it be fat loss, building muscle or any other target. Fitness is a huge passion, I personally love functional strength training and metabolic conditioning but I have knowledge and respect of all types of exercise. My diet used to be poor, high in bad fats and sugar, from personal experience strict diets are harder to adhere to. I can provide simple and effective changes to your diet that will support the work you put in at your workout sessions. My focus is to get you to be the best version of yourself, to get your body moving well and pain free, ready to take on life!


Billy Payne

My name is Billy Payne and I’m a level 3 Personal Trainer. I’ve been a high level competitive bodybuilder for many years and I coach and prepare aspiring male and female athletes for stage competition. In addition to this, I am a bodybuilding judge and am very active in the national show circuit. I work with many strength athletes on strength & conditioning programming and have over 46 years experience in helping people improve their health and achieve their goals. I’m also a keen participant in Crossfit training, Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting and a level 4 sports massage therapist specializing in injury prevention and pain management.


Luke Fitch

Hi! My name is Luke and I’m excited to be a part of the wonderful community at True Personal Training. I am passionate about helping you to achieve your fitness and health goals, whether that may be gaining confidence on your very first gym session, getting you beach-ready for the summer or coaching you through hitting a lifetime PB on your deadlift. I love to keep gym sessions fun and interesting but I'm always keeping up to date on the latest developments in sports science and nutrition to make sure you’re using the best methods and getting the most of out of your gym sessions. I also enjoy helping you navigate the minefield of information in the health and fitness industry, breaking it down into simple bite-sized information that anyone can get their head around - so if you need help understanding the latest topics and trends, or want a fitness myth busted, I’m your man!


Edmund Pang

Hi, I’m Edmund, and I’m really happy to be a TRUE Personal Trainer. Since qualifying as a personal trainer in 2012, I have gone down the corrective exercise route – helping clients recover from injury, as well as addressing muscular imbalances and movement, to improve their general day-to-day, or sports specific function. My own training is very varied, from Olympic lifting, which I’ve continued since the rugby High Performance programme at university, to practicing Shaolin martial arts in China. The last few years have been spent developing experience in different training and movement approves, although this has primarily consisted of gymnastics and yoga. So whatever your fitness goals, whether it is to lose weight and build strength, develop mobility or rehab from injury and correct muscular imbalances, I’m really excited to work with you and achieve great things together.

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