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Welcome To True Online

Our premium personal service, virtually delivered

Would you benefit from an expert coach guiding you to the next level? Are you sometimes unsure about your diet and nutrition? Welcome to True Personal Training, we are a Premium Personal Training gym based in North Yorkshire. 

With True Online you have access to our industry leading  Personal Trainers, programs, nutritional guidance and coaching through our very own App and cloud based site. Whether you are training at home, at a gym or outdoors this is your online journey curated by us and tailored to you. Build knowledge, create confidence, get results.

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Your Personal Journey..

...always starts with a Personal conversation. You are assigned a Personal Trainer who will look after your journey. We want to get to know you, your goals and what YOU are looking to achieve. From there, we can create your personal journey which will include programming, habit coaching, reviews and coaching modules to help you build knowledge, create confidence and get results

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Expert Coaching & Accountability

Your trainer is there to support you all the way. Every workout is guided with expert coaching and booked into your own personal schedule for a convenient time. You can easily view technique demonstrations to help perfect form, ask questions and record progress so that your PT can remotely review, assess and adjust your programming which will be discussed ongoing at your weekly coaching calls.

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Nutrition & Knowledge

Results are achieved through actions repeated and knowledge. Knowing what actions to take and why is what holds many back. Here at True we are all about teaching the knowledge, which gives you the confidence to take the actions to get the results. So whether you are wanting to learn how to train, looking to prepare for a competition or wanting to loose weight and change your lifestyle, your journey with True will be informative through our weekly knoweldge building content delivered straight to you.

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Our easy to use Mobile Application

How about all the Personal Training,  coaching, habit building and accountability you need all delivered with complete location and time independence. With True Online, everything is seamlessly bought together through our easy to use mobile application and desktop site.  It's flexible, affordable and it's perfect for those looking to work with a trainer yet need that extra flexibility. Our app is very user friendly and your trainer will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you get the most from your journey with us.

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