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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

If you’re serious about reaching your goals, a personal trainer can be a real help. Having someone else pushing you on and encouraging you in invaluable when training. You also benefit from years of experience and this can help you to find new ways to achieve your goals.

How Can a Personal Trainer Help Me?

A personal trainer is committed to helping you do more. Where you might lack motivation, a personal trainer is always on hand to spur you on. They’ve also got tried-and-tested training methods that are often much more effective than what people do when training alone

How Do I Get Started?

Get in touch with us! We’re here to listen to you and offer advice on what would work best for your situation. We’d love to hear from you via the website, phone, or email.

When Will I See Changes?

Again, this depends on you! Once you’re regularly training, eating and drinking properly, and focused on your goals, you’ll start to see changes. Some people see changes quickly while others see a more gradual improvement. Any changes you make will affect your performance!

What’s Covered in a Personal Training Session?

This is down to you and your trainer; your goals will dictate what you cover. If you want to increase your muscle strength, then this can be prioritised. Our personal trainers often offer an all-round session that allows you to improve your overall performance levels, but if you have a set goal this can be discussed too.

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