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  • True Personal Training
    05/01/2021 - True Personal Training 0 Comments
    Get Gym-Ready for January

    As you tuck into the last sweet treats of the year, just one more plate of leftovers, or a tub of chocolate “so it doesn’t waste”, you might think ahead to that gym membership that’s waiting for you. January is the traditional time to get back on it, so we’ve pulled together some top tips to make sure that your introduction or re-introduction to the gym is as fruitful as possible.

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  • Eat Natural
    20/02/2019 - True Personal Training 0 Comments
    Overwhelmed with weight loss? Try these 6 simple habits to create big change

    We are products of our habits and our habits form our lifestyle. Losing weight is no different, but for many it’s a painful time of resisting temptation only to break free and binge, or give up. It canbe a much more positive experience: learning, implementing and practicing some new and improved habits, so you feel great now and get to sustain your results long term.

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  • The Right Exercise
    04/02/2019 0 Comments
    ​What exercise is right for me?

    Resistance, High intensity Interval Training, Strength, Compound, Cardio Vascular, plyometric, Tabata and the list goes on. It can be confusing knowing where to start and what is right for you. Exercise is personal. Everyone has different starting points, different challenges/ injuries and most importantly different goals.

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  • Fad Diets
    04/02/2019 - True Personal Training 0 Comments
    Why fad diets don't work (and what to do instead)

    Diets can be a hard time of feeling deprived, guilty and unsatisfied. All too often one reaches a point where they inevitably give in, only to feel worse. It’s no surprise, we are human and will power is limited. When we say diet, we mean a restrictive approach to controlling what you eat by either omitting certain food groups i.e. carbohydrates or consciously controlling one element i.e. portion size, in order to lose body fat.

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  • How do I tone up?
    24/01/2019 - True Personal Training 0 Comments
    How do I tone up?

    How do I tone up?

    First and foremost, there is no one such thing as toning up.

    ‘Toning up’ is actually a combination of two processes:

    1.) A reduction in body fat %
    2.) Building some lean muscle

    To explain simply: Think of a tennis ball on your mattress. You don’t see it under the duvet, but you would see it or an impression of it, under just the bed sheet. 

    So if ‘toning up’ breaks down into those two goals then where do I start?

    1.) A reduction in body fat OR losing weight

    This really starts and ends in the kitchen. Sure we can exercise to burn some calories, but really it’s the 23 hours out of the gym that count most. Food, food, food. If you have read any of our other posts you will be aware that this does NOT mean dieting. It means eating lots of the ‘right’ foods, so your body feels satisfied whilst also creating a caloric deficit (see previous post ‘What should I eat to lose weight’.

    2.) Building some lean muscle
    So for this you need to undertake the right type of resistance training as part of your exercise programme, taking a full body approach (you don’t want to look uneven, trust me).  First up though, if you are someone not wanting to bulk up, then fear not, doing so is a total myth if you don’t want to:

    a.)Females have a different hormonal make up to males and 

    b.) The types of training are again slightly different. We all have skeletal muscle, by engaging in the right types of training you can:

    - Build a little more, giving definition and shape
    - Increase the efficiency of that muscle
    - Increase the strength of your joints and bones
    - Move better
    - Look and FEEL a whole lot better

    There are many types of resistance based training and which type, intensity and technique depends on your goal and starting point. In principle, resistance based training put’s a force on the muscle group you are working, causing fatigue and then adaption (progression). From bodyweight squats and pressups to more complex Olympic lifting, like all things health & fitness, it’s personal.

    Do you have a health, fitness or weight loss goal you want to achieve?

    We are a brand new gym facility and concept based in central Wetherby. We offer an unlimited Personal Training service and nutritional guidance for a monthly membership. We have a passionate team of experienced personal trainers who are here to help you achieve your goals every step of the way. While we work with you we build your knowledge about exercise, nutrition and getting the right mindset to sustain your new results.

    You can schedule your Free consultation and session at anytime by contacting us:

    Contacts: 01937 338098

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • What should I eat to lose weight?
    24/01/2019 - True Personal Training 0 Comments
    What should I eat to lose weight?

    What should I eat to lose weight?

    This is a question we have been asked a lot. Answering it requires a little background and is made all the more complex by fad diets and food brands claiming their food is THE answer for you to lose weight. Let’s start by initially setting a couple of things straight:

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